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Clutch Master Cylinder

Part No.WG9925230520

Product Details

WG9925230520 Clutch Master Cylinder 

Original SINOTRUK truck spare parts
used for sinotruk HOWO and A7 series tractor, dumper and mixer trucks.

1 WG9725230042  离合器助力缸 16档 通用
2 WG9725230041 离合器助力缸 12档 通用
3 711W30715-6152 离合器总泵 T5 T5
4 WG9925230010 离合器总泵 T7、A7 被WG9925230520替代
5 WG9719230023 离合器总泵 HW
6 WG9925230520 离合器总泵 T7 代替WG9925230010
7 AZ9525230001 离合器总泵 豪瀚